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First Circuit Holds University’s Response To Sex Harassment Is Retaliation

Now more than ever, employers are aware of their obligation to take prompt remedial action in response to complaints of sex harassment.  But what happens when the employer’s attempt to placate a complainant through voluntary transfer results in less favorable work conditions?  Well, now the complainant has a cause of action for retaliation, explained the […]

K & S Model Maryland Healthy Working Families Act (MHWFA) Notice

As explained this past Sunday, the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) has issued its own sample employee notice that employers may use to comply with the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act’s (MHWFA) notice posting requirement.  That said, the DLLR model notice is optional; employers are free to provide a similar notice as […]

Animal Planet and the Law

Part One – the Monkey Selfie case I read today about the Ninth Circuit argument held July 12 in Naruto v. David Slater, et al., No. 16-15469 (9th Cir.).  Known as the “monkey selfie” case, the matter involves a wild Celebes crested macaques (Naturo) who used a camera set up by a nature photographer to […]

Mechanic’s Harassment Claim Revived By Tenth Circuit

Shane Jones was a mechanic for Needham Trucking, LLC (Needham) for approximately seven months in 2014.  Jones alleged that Needham fired him because he refused to have sex with his direct supervisor, who was also a shareholder of the Company.  Jones v. Needham, No. 16-6156 (10th Cir. May 12, 2017). In filings with the EEOC, […]

Holidays in the Workplace: Do You Fear What I Fear?

Probably not if you’re like any other business.  After all, ‘tis the season to boost company morale and show appreciation for staff with parties and time off and bonuses too!  Below I offer a few tips for mitigating clean-up of the post-holiday legal mess these issues have the potential to create. Away with that Manger. […]

What A Trump Presidency May Mean For The U.S. Workplace

The unexpected election of Donald Trump to the Presidency on Tuesday raises many questions for employers and employment lawyers.  At the federal level, Mr. Trump has indicated in one form or another that he intends to change the American workplace.  What follows is by no means an all-inclusive list, it merely reflects some of the […]