Claims of workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation are the most common legal challenges raised by disgruntled current and former employees.  Kollman & Saucier attorneys recognize that defending such claims costs money and drains resources, including tapping into the work time and morale of employees and managers involved in the investigation and litigation process.  Our attorneys provide clients with practical advice that will address those concerns, as well as reduce the risk and possible damage exposure from such claims.

We regularly consult with our clients to help them successfully navigate the minefield of potential discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims.  Our lawyers assist clients in developing effective personnel policies and practices, fashioning and presenting appropriate training sessions, conducting or directing internal investigations into employee complaints, providing advice on the best options for implementing sensitive employment decisions, drafting effective release agreements, and providing responsive, day-to-day advice and counsel.  When an individual files a charge of discrimination or lawsuit or sends a demand letter from a lawyer, we evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the claim so we can collaborate and execute a cost-effective approach to getting the matter resolved in the manner and time frame that best advances our client’s interests.

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