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The SBA Releases PPP Loan Forgiveness Application, Instructions and Formal Guidance

The SBA released the long-awaited PPP loan forgiveness application form and instructions, as well as Formal Guidelines replacing previous guidance on loan forgiveness. Loan Forgiveness Process A borrower must submit the Loan Forgiveness Application (SBA Form 3508) to its lender, together with necessary documentation identified in the application.  The lender will decide regarding loan forgiveness […]

Who is a Healthcare Provider for FMLA Eligibility?

No question, we are in a time of high anxiety.  Friends, family and pretty much everyone else I talk to has a story about how they are dealing with the new normal in the time of COVID-19.  We all need someone to talk through stuff with.  I suspect that many Employee Assistance Plans will see […]

Maryland Passes Mini-WARN Act Effective October 1, 2020

Maryland employers wrestling  with the onerous challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis, will soon have a new legal obligation to meet when reducing their workforces.  Effective October 1, 2020, the Economic Stabilization Act will require employers to provide employees 60 days written notice of a reduction in operations that will result in lay-offs or terminations. […]

Zoom Talk Recording: Reopening and Reintegrating The Workplace

Thank you to everyone who participated in our May 1, 2020 hour-long Zoom Talk, where Garrett Wozniak and Randi Hyatt discussed a variety of issues connected to employers preparing for the reopening and/or reintegration of employees into the workplace.  We have uploaded a recording of the Zoom Talk here so you may review it at […]

EEOC Updates COVID-19 Return To Work Q&A, Encourages Employers To Be “Creative And Flexible” With Accommodations

The EEOC has updated the Return To Work (G.3 & G.5) section of its Q&A Guidance regarding workplace accommodations for individuals deemed high-risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The guidance essentially reminds employers to continue to follow normal interactive processes for identifying reasonable accommodations,  and encourages employers to be “creative and flexible” in their approach to […]