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Employer Liability

Fourth Circuit Holds Hiring Through Temp Agency Does Not Evade Title VII

In Butler v. Drive Automobile Industries of America, Inc., the Fourth Circuit joined seven (the Second, Third, Sixth, Seventh, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh) other federal appellate courts in holding that multiple companies can each be the “employer” of the same employee under Title VII.  In Butler, the appellate court concluded that Drive Automotive was the […]

Employer Responsible For Customer Harassment Of Its Employee

In a significant ruling for employers everywhere, and particularly those in the Fourth Circuit, which includes Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, the Fourth Circuit just held that a black female who was subjected to offensive conduct by a customer should have her Title VII harassment claims decided by a jury. With […]

NFL Settles Concussion Lawsuits

On August 29th, 201, the court-appointed mediator in the consolidated concussion lawsuits filed against the NFL and other entities announced that the players and the NFL had reached a tentative agreement.  The lawsuits, which had been widely reported in the wake of several high profile deaths allegedly linked to concussions suffered while playing football, were […]

The Supreme Court Speaks: Title VII “Supervisors” Must Have The Power To Implement Tangible Employment Actions

In Vance v. Ball State University, in a 5-4 decision issued June 24, 2013, on the same day and by the same majority that decided the Nassar case limiting Title VII retaliation claims to “but for” violations, the U.S. Supreme Court handed employers another victory by defining, precisely and narrowly, who is a “supervisor” for […]