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Workers’ Compensation

Home Offices and Workers’ Compensation

When does an employee’s home qualify as a work site for purposes of Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation Act?  That was the question of first impression the Maryland Court of Special Appeals (COSA) considered in Schwan Food Co. v. Frederick, decided last month.  Given the proliferation of technology that permits employees to work for anyone, from anywhere, […]

Sixth Circuit Strikes Down Workers’ Compensation Claimant Solicitation Law

I read frequently about legal opinions interpreting various laws governing the employer-employee relationship.  Less often, I encounter one concerning the employment lawyer-client relationship.  So when I came across a recent case, Bevan & Associates, LPA, Inc., et al. v Yost, et al., No. 18-3262 (6th Cir. 7/8/19), in which the Sixth Circuit discussed the constitutionality […]