Maryland DLLR Issues Guidance on COVID-19 and Unemployment Insurance Benefits

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Kollman & Saucier

The Maryland Department of Labor has posted a Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 And Unemployment Insurance Benefits.  Below are the FAQ highlights:

Employee Quit Due to COVID-19

  • An employee who quits work because they are sick due to COVID-19 will not be eligible for unemployment benefits because the employee is not able and available to work, as required for eligibility.

Employee Quarantine

  • An employee who is in mandatory quarantine might initially meet eligibility criteria but not the ongoing criteria which requires an employee to be able, available, and actively seeking work. If an employee is required to stay home by an employer, but not offered remote work, the employee might be eligible for benefits if monetary and weekly eligibility criteria are met.
  • An asymptomatic employee who imposes a self-quarantine due to COVID-19 is not eligible for unemployment benefits.
  • An employee who is asked by a medical professional or public health official to quarantine, but who is not sick and not receiving paid sick leave from their employer, may be eligible for benefits. If an employee knows that the employee can return to work as soon as the quarantine is lifted, the employee may not need to search for work.  The employee must be able to accept any work offered by the employer that would not cause the employee to break quarantine.

Employer Shut Down Or Lay Off

  • Unemployment benefits are available to employees who are unemployed through no fault of their own. If an employer shuts down permanently and no work is available, or lay off occurs due to loss of production, affected employees may be eligible for unemployment benefits if monetary and weekly eligibility criteria are met.
  • If an employer shuts down temporarily, and an employee is not receiving any paid time off or leave, the employee may be eligible for benefits during that time.



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