CDC Issues Additional COVID-19 Guidance

Randi Klein Hyatt
Randi Klein Hyatt

This past week, multiple agencies have issued new or updated guidance documents on COVID-19.  We reported earlier this week on the EEOC’s updated guidance.  Below are the highlights of the information shared by the CDC.

On essential workers, the CDC issued Interim Guidance stating that “critical infrastructure workers” may continue working despite the potential exposure to COVID-19.  The CDC confirmed that potential exposure means contact within six feet of an individual who is known or suspected of having COVID-19, within 48 hours of that individual exhibiting symptoms.  An exposed employee may continue to work, despite that exposure, so long as the employee is asymptomatic and specific precautions are implemented.  Those precautions include:

  • Daily temperature checks before the employee enters the workplace, along with an assessment of any other symptoms;
  • The employee should self-monitor for any COVID-19 symptoms under the supervision of the employer’s safety/health program;
  • The employee should wear a face mask, provided or approved by the employer, for at least fourteen (14) days after the potential exposure;
  • The employee should endeavor to maintain six feet of social distance from others in the workplace; and
  • All shared/common areas within the workspace should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Should the exposed employee become sick, he or she should immediately be sent home and their work areas thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.  The employer should identify any other employees who came within six feet of that employee during the two days prior to the symptoms as appearing.  Those employees are now considered exposed and subject to these guidelines.


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