EEOC Releases 2021 Performance Statistics

Vincent Jackson
Vincent Jackson

The EEOC has released its performance statistics for Fiscal Year 2021.  Surprisingly, the Commission  collected “merely” $485 million in 2021, down $50 million from FY 2020’s record-setting $535.4 million haul.

The bulk of 2021’s collections came from administrative settlements with private-sector and state and local governments, with a total of $350.7 million.  An additional $34 million was collected from court settlements and litigation. And $100 million resulted from federal employees’ complaints.

The Commission cleared 61,331 cases in 2021, which was also down from the 67,448 cases cleared in 2020. 

As far as the breakdown of charges filed in 2021, retaliation was the most common, accounting for 56% of the filed charges.  Coming in at a distant second was disability bias, with 37.2% of all charges.  Claims for racial bias comprised 34% of filed charges.

With plans to hire an additional 200 employees this year, as well as a $14.5 million budget increase, it can be expected that the EEOC’s stats will rebound next year. 

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