Maryland Healthy Working Families Act Update – Prerecorded Webinar Coming Your Way

Kollman & Saucier
Kollman & Saucier

To mark the one year anniversary of the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act (MHWFA), our firm will prepare and post to our website a prerecorded webinar to address where things stand with the MHWFA one year later.  We will share the link on our website so you may listen at your convenience.

The webinar will address recurring challenges employers are facing under the law, guidance for compliance, and the prospect of changes to the statute.  Given the prerecorded nature of the webinar, there will not be a live Q&A.  We would like to hear from you, however, and answer questions that you may have.

If you have questions about the MHWFA, we invite you to submit them via email by February 18, 2019, to  We will do our best to address as many questions as possible, including those that are the most commonly asked.

We look forward to sharing our webinar with you.

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