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Implicit Bias Training: California Attempts To Address Feelings And Biases People Do Not Know They Have

Confirmation bias is a real thing. People give more weight to information that supports their beliefs than information than contradicts them.  You should recognize this. Stereotypes are real things, too. Most are based on characteristics that many folks in a particular group might have, but that characteristic becomes a stereotype when people think everyone in […]

Some Thoughts on the ADA

There was a thoughtful piece in the Wall Street Journal today written by Joni Eareckson Tada, who happens to be quadriplegic.  She was commenting on a recent “wrongful birth” case and efforts by some legislatures to legalize euthanasia of people with disabilities.  I think the following paragraph summarizes her thoughts: This winter, the American Medical […]

No Wonder Bipartisanship is So Difficult to Achieve

For the first time in many years, the NLRB will have a full five-member complement.  In order to achieve this, President Obama withdrew the nomination of two controversial, anti-employer recess-appointed members, Robert F. Griffin and Sharon Block.  In their place, he nominated two replacements with similar philosophies, who will be confirmed by the Senate if […]

Why More Government is Not the Answer: Chill the Champagne

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an opinion piece by Bill Nojay, a New York Assemblyman who last year was the chief operating officer of the Detroit Department of Transportation.  As a labor and employment lawyer who “dabbles” in OSHA, I found the piece depressingly familiar.  Nojay, who stated that he was “a manager with virtually […]

The NLRB Could Learn From the Seventh Circuit

When my son was in high school, he was a star baseball player.  His senior year, one game away from the state championship, his team was disqualified over a technical rule violation that rational school officials would’ve overlooked.  When the disqualification was reported to the team by the principal, one of the students used a […]

A Fresh Blog

Yesterday, our new website went “live.”  I want to thank John Armistead of Armistead Technologies for his many years as our webmaster (and designer of our prior website).  Armistead Technologies specializes in reverse engineering (you can look it up), and John had reduced the number of websites he managed over the past few years to […]

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

On May 2, 1988, Pete Rose was suspended 30 days for pushing an ump, the Orioles signed a 15-year lease to stay in Baltimore, and I put up a handwritten sign on the 8th Floor of the Sun Life Building to announce that K&S was open for business.  My partner joined me six days later, […]