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Mechanic’s Harassment Claim Revived By Tenth Circuit

Shane Jones was a mechanic for Needham Trucking, LLC (Needham) for approximately seven months in 2014.  Jones alleged that Needham fired him because he refused to have sex with his direct supervisor, who was also a shareholder of the Company.  Jones v. Needham, No. 16-6156 (10th Cir. May 12, 2017). In filings with the EEOC, […]

ALJ Feasts On Employee Handbook, Finds Policies Unlawful Under NLRA

President Trump recently announced the two individuals he will nominate to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  The announcement, covered in a prior blog entry, is the next step in changing the trajectory of the NLRB from its heavy employee tilt toward a more employer-friendly outlook.  Until the two new members are confirmed and the […]

Skip the Hackers, I’ll Take the Money Myself

Ever wonder where union dues go?  Our last blog post involved a CWA chapter that got hacked for nearly a half million dollars.   But there was no need to fall for a Nigerian prince scam in Pittsburgh.   Apparently you can still getting money the old fashioned way – just take it. Boilermakers Local 154 claims […]

7th Circuit Affirms Denial of “Electromagnetic Sensitivity” Discrimination Claim in Not-So-Shocking Decision

Earlier this week,  a new season of the TV drama, Better Call Saul premiered, and with it came the return of the character, Charles “Chuck” McGill.  Chuck, a brilliant lawyer and named partner at his esteemed law firm, suffers from “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” – which causes him to confine himself to his home without electricity and […]