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7th Circuit Affirms Denial of “Electromagnetic Sensitivity” Discrimination Claim in Not-So-Shocking Decision

Earlier this week,  a new season of the TV drama, Better Call Saul premiered, and with it came the return of the character, Charles “Chuck” McGill.  Chuck, a brilliant lawyer and named partner at his esteemed law firm, suffers from “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” – which causes him to confine himself to his home without electricity and […]

Every Dog Has Its Day (In Court): Teacher May Go to Trial Over School’s Denial of Chihuahua at Work

In a recent decision out of South Carolina, a federal judge ruled that a teacher may proceed to trial on her disability discrimination claim against her school district for declining to allow her Chihuahua to accompany her at work in the classroom.  Clark v. Sch. Dist. Five of Lexington & Richland Ctys., No. 3:15-cv-2664-CMC-PJG, 2017 […]

Maryland General Assembly Passes Veto-Proof Sick Leave Legislation

The Maryland General Assembly this week passed the Healthy Working Families Act, which all but guarantees that come 2018, employees in Maryland will be entitled to sick leave. The bill was passed with veto-proof margins in both the Senate (29-18) and the House of Delegates (87-53), which means the General Assembly can override Governor Hogan’s […]

Seventh Circuit Holds Sexual Orientation Bias in the Workplace is Prohibited Under Federal Law

This week the Seventh Circuit became the first federal appellate court to hold Title VII protects employees from discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation.  Hivley v. Ivy Tech Comt’y Coll. of Ind., No. 15-1720 (7th Cir. 4/4/17).  In this case, plaintiff Hivley worked as a part-time professor at Ivy Tech Community College located […]

North Carolina Passes a New Version of its Controversial Bathroom Bill

Last night the North Carolina Tar Heels won their sixth NCAA championship.  This, despite relocation of initial tournament rounds away from Tar Heel state in response to H.B. 2, a controversial law passed by North Carolina that restricted LGBT protections and barred transgender individuals from using restrooms that matched their gender identity. On March 30, […]

Pharmacist Needled Out Of $2.6M Jury Award

A pharmacist with trypanophobia (a fear of needles, yes I had to Google that), worked for Rite Aid Corp. (and its predecessors) for 34 years.  In 2011, Rite Aid made administering immunizations an explicit job requirement for its pharmacists.  The needle-fearing pharmacist submitted medical notes about his trypanophobia which explained his blood pressure would spike, […]

Social Media Strikes Again

Here is another tale of social media posts and “likes” getting an employee into hot water.  Again, the culprit is Facebook.  In Grutzmacher, et al. v. Howard County, et al., No. 15-2066, (4th Cir. March 20, 2017), the plaintiffs were a former Howard County, Maryland, Battalion Chief with the Maryland Department of Fire and Rescue […]